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Can you Turn Back Time?

Who says you can't turn back time?  Learn about non-surgical cosmetic options to reduce signs of aging, leaving you refreshed while feeling and looking younger.

1. Add volume with a cheekbone lift.  As we age, our face becomes more "square" and loses the heart shape.  You can add volume to your cheekbones and lift the entire face while reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, jowls, and nasolabial folds (area from the corner of your nose to the lip). Dermal fillers, Juvederm, or Voluma are used.


2. Eliminate wrinkles around the mouth "smokers lines" these fine vertical wrinkles can cause lipstick to run.  A quick and simple Botox treatment can eliminate lipstick runs, and allow smoother area around the lips. A more defined lip line can be created using Restylane or Juvederm ( dermal fillers).


3. Tighten Pores and skin while reducing redness restore tautness to the skin and by spurring collagen production.  A skin rejuvenation laser treatment can decrease pore size by stimulating collagen production, reducing redness and  roseacea by treating dilated capillaries giving your face a healthy complexion. The Derma pen is another option, which involves micro needling the skin, which also helps with stimulating collagen production.


4.  Lifting the brows:   As we age our eye brows drop, giving us a heavy lid. We can easily correct and elevate the brows by strategically placing Botox which help your eyes pop open and your eyebrows lift.


5. Bringing eyes out of the shadows   As we age we lose volume and bone in our face.  Some people notice a hollowness just under their eyes, this is called the tear trough area or a concave look near the temples (temporal hollows).  By placing dermal fillers just under the eyes it resolves that sunken look bringing more continuity to the face or placing filler in the temporal hollows, allows one to bring a fullness around the eye.


6. Removing Crows feet and Frown which make us look tired. By  placing Botox or Dysport (similar to Botox) around your eyes gives one  a relaxed and rested appearance while the placing Botox in  your frown area resolves that angry look we often get with time(and life frustrations).


7. Chemical Peels/Microdermabrasion/Derma Pen : as we age our complexions change, often the evenness of our skin changes, showing sun damage, and uneven pigmentation. Using different strengths of chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or the Derma pen gives the skin a more even tone, and a clean youthful look.


8. Plump up your pout : restore the volume that has been lost in your lips with the dermal fillers(Restylane or Juvederm).  Just adding small amounts of product to your lips and outlining your lip border,  you can get a more natural look, ( no blow fish lips allowed in our office). Giving lips a little volume helps keep the face looking youthful.


9.  Rid yourself of sun/age spots : removing these spots on your face, chest, back, hands and legs with the IPL(intense pulse laser) the laser absorbs the spot creating a darkness which then flakes off, giving  your skin a more uniformed and clear appearance.


10.   Remove neck bands the neck  gives away our age. Using Botox you can soften these neck bands which are under your chin and around the jaw.  Giving your neck a smoother look and a cut jaw line, which helps with the sagging skin.